Crystal Lagoon & La Reserva

Crystal Lagoon & La Reserva @ Santa Rosalia Murcia Spain

What is Crystal Lagoon®? Check out all about Crystal Lagoon

The Lake uses Crystal Lagoons technology, the world leading pool filtration systems for large lakes and lagoons for bathing. This revolutionary technology is the most efficient in the world and ensures that the lake uses just half the water usually used for a park of the same surface and 30 times less than needed for an 18-hole golf course. It has a closed circuit system that purifies and reuses water, so it does not require renewal of the water resource beyond evaporation. The filtration technology allows up to 100 times less chemicals than those used in conventional swimming pools. It consumes only 2% of the energy needed by conventional swimming pool filtration systems.

The new Santa Rosalia Lake and Life Resort in Torre Pacheco is home to Spain’s and Europe’s next Crystal Lagoon®. This exclusive facility will only be available to property owners of Santa Rosalia Resort and not the general public. The Santa Rosalia Murcia Resort boasts 16,000m² of Crystal Lagoon that includes an 8,000m² beach area plus beach club, restaurant, gym, shop and bar. Facilities also offer mini golf, padel tennis, walking paths, paddle boarding and kayaking.

Crystal Lagoons® is a U.S. company with offices and locations around the world that has developed and patented state-of-the-art technology that allows crystalline lagoons of unlimited sizes to be built and maintained at low costs, offering an idyllic beach lifestyle anywhere in the world.

This will be an amazing facility for the Santa Rosalia Lake and Life Resort and the region.

Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is one of the world’s trendiest sports. Play with friends, keep fit and enjoy playing in the warm weather


Our south, east, and west-facing beaches are wonderful for soaking up some Mediterranean sunshine, with powdery white sand between your toes, refreshed by the cool water of a lake that belongs in paradise. Areas are set aside for peaceful swimming, separate from the water sports area.


There are two islands crowned by palm trees. Imagine being surrounded by crystal-clear water?


Nestled between the beach club and the west-facing beach is the pier. A place to pick up a kayak or paddle surf on the lake, or just gaze out over the water at beautiful sunsets.

Recreation Areas

There are recreation areas where you can do whatever takes your fancy all around the lake. How about some yoga by the sparkling blue water, or a romantic or family picnic at dusk

 Santa Rosalia Environmental Responsibility

Beach Club

The Beach Club is the perfect venue to meet up for leisure activities or dining at the resort. The Santa Rosalia Beach Club has spectacular views of the lake and beach with its chill-out terrace plus play and relaxation area’s for children and adults. It’s the perfect place for a nice cold beer, lunch, dinner or a glass of wine with friends.

This is where some of the resorts activities can found including, Beach Volleyball, Kayaking, Adventure Golf and Pentanque tournaments are organised.


The heart of Santa Rosalia is a 124,000 square metre space for enjoying life. A massive garden divided into different areas with attractions where residents can simply relax and enjoy spending time with friends and family. All paths lead to La Reserva, the heart of the resort, full of life and community spirit. Life in the resort revolves around the lake.


The Lake stores desalinated water for recreational use. In addition, it is responsible for filling the northern lake to up to 70% of its capacity. The remaining 30% is filled with brackish water from the regional irrigation channel that is rescued with a high amount of nutrients. The mixture of both waters is used to cover the water needs of La Reserva by means of a drip irrigation system, which guarantees the precise and efficient use of water. Many of the nutrients recovered are consumed by the trees and other plant species on the resort, removed from the water cycle. Both lakes function as urban sustainable drainage systems (USDS) by collecting rainwater for reuse. The Lake also partly offsets water evaporation.

Disc Golf

Golf with a Frisbee like disc. Suitable for all ages, endless fun for all the family and friends. One of Spain’s few Disc Golf Courses is set in a woodland area, with holes of different lengths and levels where you can test your skill.

Children’s Area

This resort is for kids and for kids to have fun!

There is an exclusive play area where they can let their imaginations go wild and experience a new adventure every day.

Pentanque, Ping Pong & Chess

Another great way to get some valuable exercise and keep your body fit and mind sharp. Great place to meet friends and socialise.

Yoga Area & Picnics

Stroll over to this green meadow to do some yoga, pilates or just stretch out and relax. Make this your favourite place to relax and switch off at Santa Rosalia.

Multi – Sport Tracks

Sport is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, which is why Santa Rosalia has multi-sport tracks where you can exercise at any age.

Cross Training & Street Workout

Keep fit with outdoor Cross Training and Street Workout at Santa Rosalia


Santa Rosalía has a waste separating system for collecting paper and cardboard, packaging and plastic, glass, and other types of waste. Little things mean a lot when it comes to changing the world. In our sales office we use cardboard cups and are careful to keep paper consumption down and to recycle. This policy is particularly important at the Beach Club.

Energy Efficiency

LED lighting is installed throughout the resort, controlled with solar timers and low energy consumption. Energy efficiency does more than save money. It is a vital measure to help to save our planet.